Welcome to the Veldhuis Law Group
One of the significant differences and comforts you will find with the Veldhuis Law Group is the fact that we are not a personal injury “mill,” where
injured persons and families are just a number among hundreds of other clients while each case drags on for years. Our model focuses on a personal approach, giving us and the injured person and their family, or the family of a deceased person, the opportunity to get to know each other and to work closely together to reach the best outcome available. Expect a personal relationship with Nathan who will provide you with sensitive, personal attention to provide you with peace of mind, so you can rest assured knowing your attorney and the Veldhuis Law Group team are fighting for everything you are entitled to under the law. Trust Nathan - with 15+ years of experience helping only injured persons and their families and families of a deceased family member.

Prior to opening the Veldhuis Law Group, Nathan worked for some of the largest and most prominent personal injury firms in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia. Nathan - left those firms with the goal of opening a law firm that is dedicated to accomplishing one goal: providing the most ethical and legally competent personal attention to each case in order to maximize recoveries. In opening the Veldhuis Law Group, Nathan has created the opportunity to carefully select the firm’s cases and to provide a unique, specialized approach tailored to the needs of each case with the firm. This affords you a significant advantage at the Veldhuis Law Group over other larger volume firms—the kind you see on TV and on billboards—in the Commonwealth of Virginia and in the District of Columbia in that every case receives unique personal attention from every team member.

Call the Veldhuis Law Group today for a free, personalized conversation with Nathan and his staff who can promise you the full, honest, ethical, personalized, and sensitive attention you and your family deserve in your times of need.